International Functional Food Conference (IFFC) 2017
2nd International Functional Food Conference (IFFC) 2017
Organised by
Taylor's University
School of Biosciences
Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus
7–9 August 2017


In recent years, foods are not intended only to satisfy hunger and provide necessary nutrients for humans but also to prevent diet-related diseases and improve well-being of the consumers. In this regards, there is increasing demand on functional food by consumers to improve their living quality. Thus, it can be assumed that functional food represents a sustainable category in the food market which provides companies with unique opportunities to develop an infinite array of new functional food concepts. It is important to note that unless the sensory properties of a functional food are acceptable and consumers intent to purchase, functional benefits are without purpose. This suggests that in addition to meeting regulatory pressure, sensory and consumers’ preference testing is critically required for successful marketing and positioning of new functional food products. This conference features leading researchers and industry representatives who will present the concepts, developments, consumer acceptances and marketing of functional food for health and wellness. In order to gain a new insight and to disseminate the latest developments in this rapidly expanding field, join us and grab this golden opportunity to meet the food researchers and industries at this conference.

The conference will focus on a broad range of topics related to functional food and the organisers invite papers, abstracts and presentation proposals relevant to the theme of the conference “Functional Food: Taking Invention and Innovation from Concepts to Marketplace”. Papers are also invited in the sub-themes of:

  • Functional Food ingredients and bioactive compounds
  • Functional Food in relation to non-communicable diseases
  • Technologies for characterization and development of functional food
  • Safety, regulation and market studies of functional food

This international conference is organized by Taylor’s University and supported by Meiho University and the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT).


  • To provide concepts for planning and developing innovative health products.
  • To enhance understanding of marketing and positioning of the functional food products through sensory sciences
  • To provide updates on legislation, safety and commercialization issues of functional foods.

Who Should Attend

  • Food scientists, food technologists, nutritionists, dietitians, consumer scientists
  • Product developers and regulators from industry
  • Academia and government involved in health, innovation, safety and quality of functional foods

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