Pre-U Programmes
Canadian Pre-University (CPU)
KPT / (JPS) 600-07 / 67 / Jld. 4 ( 30 )
The Canadian Pre-University (CPU) Programme was pioneered by Taylor’s College since 1983 and has experienced its greatest growth in the past few years as it gains popularity. CPU is recognised internationally by universities throughout the world, and our graduates have successfully gained entry to universities in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States as well as local universities.
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10 Reasons Why CPU at Taylor’s
Incorporating North American ideas of education in a student-centred, interactive manner, the CPU programme provides students with the skills that are essential for successful entry into university.
The CPU Experience
Here's a sneak preview to the hands-on and holistic education offered by Canadian Pre-University. In this video, you will hear personal anecdotes from CPU students, graduates and parents and see the qualified teachers who form part of the programme. CPU offers interactive and engaging classroom learning, character development, academic flexibility and student diversity.
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For more information on fees, please contact Taylor’s College at 03-56362641 (Subang Jaya).