South Australian Matriculation (SAM) / SACE International
10 Reasons Why SAM at Taylor’s
  1. International reputation
    The South Australian Matriculation programme at Taylor's College has an international reputation as the largest and most successful SAM programme in the world and this was recorded in the "Malaysia Book of Records 2002." Many graduates have gained entry into top-notch universities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, India and other countries.

  2. A proven track record - a symbol of quality and excellence
    Taylor's College pioneered the Australian matriculation in 1969. Since the inception of the SAM programme in 1982, Taylor's College is the single largest centre in the world for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Year 12 (an endorsement by SACE Board since 2002). Taylor's College has maintained this position for over twenty years and has consistently produced outstanding results which prepare students well for successful tertiary studies.

    The excellent results achieved by students attest to the quality maintained at Taylor's College.

    Download our latest SAM achievement poster here.

  3. Flexible pathways and timely completion
    Choose five subjects from a wide variety of specialised subject packages to cater for varying student interests and specific career goals such as medicine, engineering, biotechnology, pharmacy, law, computer science, architecture, business and actuarial science. There is also the option to take on Research Paper as a subject, to be completed within 6 months, leaving you with 4 academic subjects. The common duration of the programme is 11 months but a shorter, accelerated route of 9 months is available in the March intake.

    The SACE certificate is awarded in December, thus allowing students to begin their tertiary education in Australia almost immediately. Flexibility in SAM also allows students to complete the programme over several years, with opportunities to improve their grades.

  4. Comprehensive and dynamic curriculum
    The New SAM model develops student capabilities for communication, citizenship, personal development and work & learning. Students are groomed to think and develop original, practical solutions to real-world problems. Equipped with the necessary skills for university education, SAM students will subsequently fit well into society as professionals and knowledge workers.

  5. Blended assessment system
    The mode of assessment practised in the SAM programme is unique. For most subjects, 70% of the final marks are derived from college-based assessments of coursework and tests while the other 30% is assessed through external examinations. The internal component of the college-based assessment is moderated by the SACE Board of South Australia. This unique assessment system allows students to have ownership over their own academic progress.

  6. Qualified and dedicated teaching staff
    Highly qualified full-time academic staffs are employed to guide, mentor and facilitate the learning process to harness the fullest potential of the students in achieving their goals. The staff undergo continuous professional development training by subject specialists from the SACE Board of South Australia.

  7. Academic guidance and pastoral support
    • Every student is assigned a mentor teacher who guides, assists and coaches the student throughout the duration of study.
    • There are free consultation sessions throughout the week for teachers to provide tuition/ academic guidance.
    • 'Beyond the Classroom' activities – educating the whole person and inculcating knowledge and skills through CARE: Corporate Social Responsibilities, Awesome Lifestyles, Respect for All and Environmental Awareness.
    • Our First Year Experience (FYE) programmes help students assimilate into college life through interactive motivational talks, survival and safety skills as well as introduction to various extra-curricular activities.

    Surf on to our Start Ahead, Stay Ahead section to know more or download the Start Ahead, Stay Ahead guidebook here

  8. Quality assurance
    There is continuous communication between SACE Board officers and SAM staff. SAM teachers regularly attend workshops and hold discussions with SACE Board officers, and are also members of the SACE examination marking panel, giving them added experience and knowledge. The programme is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is ISO 9001:2000 certified. All these contribute to the enhancement of the teaching and learning process.

    The only college awarded the MyQuest 6-Star Rating for 2012/2013.

  9. A tradition of academic excellence
    SAM students at Taylor's College have consistently attained excellent results every year. The high number of Merit Certificates awarded to students each year proves the quality of the programme. More than two-thirds of our students are ranked in the top 20% of all candidates who sit for the SACE worldwide, while about half of them are placed in the top 10%.

    Click here to view the latest SAM academic achievements.

  10. University advisory and support services (Placement Centre)
    Specialised counsellors at the Taylor's Placement Centre provide assistance to students who require guidance on university placements, accommodation, as well as assisting students with their application to universities in Australia and to other countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, US and so on. The Taylor's Placement Centre has close ties with top Australian universities and has been assisting to place students there since 2002. Universities from various countries visit Taylor's College regularly to hold briefings and exhibitions for the benefit of the students.

    For more information, click here to visit Taylor's Placement Centre.