Taylor's University
School of Pharmacy
Welcome to Taylor's School of Pharmacy (SOP)! Taylor's University is the first Malaysian private education institution to avail itself of Academic Institution Membership from the Federation of International Pharmacy Associations (FIP), the largest international organization for pharmacists. Through this membership, Taylor’s University is set to become inter-connected through the Annual Deans’ Forum on a global platform of discussion, leadership and shared challenges in your course of study. Experience successes alongside world’s top pharmacy schools like University of Sydney, Australia; University of Michigan, United States; University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, and more.

Why Pharmacy at Taylor's?
Taylor's credentials rest on 44 years of education excellence. The pharmacy programme is delivered through a student-centred teaching and learning approach with a focus on graduate outcomes. It aims to produce students who are lifelong learners and prepare them well for entry into the work force.

Programmes Offered
Foundation in Science
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)