Call For Papers
The conference will focus on a broad range of topics related to tourism and hospitality. The conference organizers invite papers, abstracts and presentations relevant to the theme of the conference "Breaking Barriers Shifting Gears".
Tourist experience and human interactions
Consumer behaviour in hospitality/tourism
Public-private partnerships
Innovation in government and the economy
Innovation systems and the geography of innovation (national, subnational, international, others)
Social innovation and sustainability
Knowledge economies, knowledge management
Strategic organization and management
ICT and social networks
Language, culture, and globalization
Social work and social development
Community resilience and social capital
Sustainable tourism
Rural tourism and green tourism
Ethics, leadership, and corporate social responsibility
Other papers related to the theme of the Conference.
Papers are also invited in the sub themes of:
Innovations of hospitality/tourism and sustainability
Marketing channels, issues and transformations/new trends of marketing channel in hospitality/tourism
Transformation of distribution channels and contemporary issues
Destination branding and promotion
Competition and cooperation
Who Should Attend?
Academics and educators in tourism/hospitality fields
Managers of hotels/restaurants/tourism businesses
Trainers in tourism/hospitality/restaurant fields
Tourism/hospitality researchers and industry consultants
Interregional organisations with interest in tourism/hospitality industry
Administrators of tourism/hospitality management educational programs
Tourism/hospitality/restaurant industry executives and representatives of multinational firms
Financial institutions and tourism industry investors
Tourism policy makers and national tourism organisation directors Students in tourism/hospitality management